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Dan McQuillan

Losing your voice

Meaning 2018

As a lecturer in creative & social computing, Dan McQuillan is a deeply respected authority on the way technology is understood, used and abused within our society. He couples his profound knowledge of science and tech with a sensitive understanding of people, society and politics.

The result of this combination is Dan’s fascinating insight into the issues and challenges that we face in these complicated times.

At Meaning Dan shared with us his latest work, entitled ‘Mental health and artificial intelligence: losing your voice’. In spoken, poetic form, Dan’s investigation into artificial intelligence exposes the complexities and contradictions we encounter as technology rubs up against our humanity.

Recent publications by Dan include ‘Algorithmic States of Exception’, ‘Data Science as Machinic Neoplatonism’ and ‘Algorithmic Paranoia and the Convivial Alternative’. We had our assumptions tested as Dan asked us to consider more deeply the relationship between humans and tech.

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