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Neil Mullarkey

Skills for a human future at work

Meaning 2018

Neil Mullarkey knows more than a thing or two about what business can learn from the world of comedy.

As well as his stage, film and TV work (Whose Line is it Anyway?, Austin Powers, Have I Got News For You and more), Neil travels the world, bringing the skills of theatre into business. He’s worked with organisations like Google, Saatchi & Saatchi, Microsoft and Astra Zeneca, and he’s seen first-hand how people work better when they truly understand how to listen, collaborate, lead and create.

Neil’s session at Meaning 2014 certainly entertained us, but more importantly, it made us think differently about the skills and behaviours we all need if we’re going to make business better – with some fun along the way. Neil gave us a chance to experience the buzz of improv and helped us discover new possibilities for developing deeper trust and collaboration at work.

So Neil returned to host Meaning 2018. He brought with him his smart insights, warm humour and skilful way of handling the day’s big ideas.

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