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Paul Mason


Meaning 2016

In his opening talk at Meaning 2016, Paul Mason provides an overview of the ideas set out in his book ‘PostCapitalism – a guide to our future’. Paul states that “neoliberalism is broken”, and argues that our economic system needs radically rethinking in order to better meet the needs of society in this age of abundant free information.

Paul is a journalist, filmmaker and author, best known for his work as Channel 4 News’ economics editor and BBC Newsnight’s business editor. He has been on the very frontline of the events that have shaped our current social and economic reality. Now working in a freelance capacity, unfettered by rules of impartiality, he joined us at Meaning 2016 as guest director and host. Paul brought with him a unique insight into our collective opportunity for an economic system that works for the benefit of society as a whole.