All Meaning Fringe 2019

Conflict for Good: Mediation skills for modern leaders

Beccie D'Cunha

Wednesday 13 November

10am - 5pm

68 Middle St, Brighton, BN1 1AL

Imagine if you felt confident to face, resolve – and even transform – conflicts in your workplace? What if conflict could become a force for good in your business, rather than a drain on energy, time and resources?

Conflict is an inevitable and inescapable part of day to day life and work. It is often viewed as negative, but it is how conflict is managed that determines whether it is a force for good or for bad in businesses. When leaders are conflict competent, they build loyal, resilient, happy, high performing, creative and cohesive teams. When they are not, conflict escalates, leading to employee stress, disengagement, silos, low performance, high staff turnover and spiralling costs in terms of time and money.

This practical one-day workshop will equip managers and leaders with tools, skills and confidence to turn conflict into a force for good within their organisations.

You will learn:

  • The five conflict management styles and when each is appropriate and useful
  • How to manage strong feelings in yourself and others
  • How to speak and listen with purpose and empathy in the midst of messy, painful conflict
  • De-escalation techniques when faced with strong emotions and entrenched positions
  • How to achieve win-win solutions – tools for moving parties from adversaries to collaborators

You will get the opportunity to reflect on any ‘live’ situations you are facing and will leave the workshop with inspiration and ideas for how to handle them.

About the organiser

Beccie D’Cunha is a workplace mediation specialist with over 15 years’ experience resolving complex conflicts across sectors, including disputes involving allegations of bullying and harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination, as well as performance and conduct issues. She specialises in mediating multi-party or team disputes and in supporting senior leaders to become conflict competent. In former CEO and Director roles within the business and charity sectors, Beccie has managed and grown large teams, and has also lead organisations through times of change and crisis. She is a strong advocate that mediation skills are essential for modern leadership – these skills enabled her to build resilient, cohesive and loyal teams, even in the face of serious adversity.

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