All Meaning Fringe 2019

Creating Impact with Onlyness

Nilofer Merchant

Friday 15 November

9:30am - 12:30pm

PLATF9RM, 5th Floor, Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YR

Half-day workshop with Meaning 2019’s host Nilofer Merchant

Every one of us wants to know how to create more value in the world – how to turn our personal purpose, our meaning, into what we do. The Onlyness(™) Canvas is a powerful tool that uses three questions, to identify and connect personal meaning with action. Because until we understand what matters to us individually, we cannot do our most meaningful work. 

What is Onlyness?

Onlyness is the term Nilofer coined in 2011 to describe the distinct insight, experience and vision every single one of us possesses.  New ideas are born when someone stands in that singular spot where only they stand. It is not saying “you’re special” but that each of us are able to add value, from that point of view distinctly their own. It is from this point, this centering spot of Onlyness that all new creations, innovations and opportunities are first given life.

To say that it is your ‘difference’ that informs your perspective is to accept the voice of your oppressor. We are EACH different but some of us are made to feel ‘different’ rather than distinctly and entirely ourselves.”

About Nilofer

Nilofer Merchant is a renowned business strategist, innovation expert and the author of three best-selling books. A former executive from multiple major tech companies including Apple, Autodesk and Adobe, Nilofer has launched more than 100 products, generating billions of dollars in revenue. Her expertise is sought by some of the most powerful companies in the world.

Nilofer is ranked #22 in the Thinkers Top 50. She is regularly published in Harvard Business Review, The Financial Times, Time Magazine, Fast Company, and the Wall Street Journal, and her TED Talk ranks in the top 10% in the world. 

This is a rare and valuable opportunity to work on your personal and professional development with one of the world’s top innovation experts. 

In this three hour session Nilofer will guide you through the Onlyness Canvas to…

  • Recognise the experiences that have shaped what matters to you
  • Get clear on the impact you most what to have in the world
  • Identify constructs of power that limit or liberate your original ideas
  • Name your Onlyness and what it is that ‘only’ you care about
  • Consider what this new discovery means for you and where you belong
  • Create your personal Onlyness action plan

Too many of us feel limited at work. You need to claim that spot in the world which only you stand in, a function of your history and experiences, visions and hopes. Because the spot on which you stand – Onlyness – is your most powerful source of new ideas, perspectives, and breakthroughs.”

Connect with Nilofer

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