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Don’t let The Man get you down

Co-operatives UK

Wednesday 14 November, 6pm - 8pm

The Hideout @ Bison Beer, 103 North Road, Brighton BN1 1YW

Imagine a workplace where everyone shares in the rewards, with no shareholders taking their cut and where everyone’s creativity is unleashed, their voice valued and their work handsomely rewarded.

This isn’t some pipe dream but something creative businesses are doing the world over. Come and find out about how it works there, and – much more importantly – how you can transform your own workplace to benefit too.

Attendance is free, and we’ll even throw in some free food and delicious Bison beer too. All we ask is that you register in advance so we know how much food and beer to get.

The event is organised by Co-operatives UK to launch a report on the opportunities and benefits of co-operative and employee ownership in the creative industries, written by Dave Boyle (The Community Shares Company) and Kate Oakley (Glasgow University).

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