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The elephant in the room: how do we make work matter?

Jonathan Kahn

Friday 16 November, 9am - 12 noon

PLATF9RM, Floor 6, 44 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YR

Business has a dirty secret: for most employees, work has no meaning.

A staggering 89% of UK employees are either not engaged or are actively disengaged at work, according to Gallup.

How can those of us who believe in better business address this elephant in the room? We can find hope in the theory and practice of motivation. Numerous studies have shown that employees who experience autonomy, mastery and purpose are more productive and fulfilled. At root, low engagement is a signal that these basic needs aren’t being met. We can use proven techniques and practices to understand why people don’t see meaning in their work and co-create interventions that reconnect them with the purpose of the organisation.

This half-day workshop is for professionals, managers and consultants who want to bridge the gap between leadership’s aspirations about purposeful business and the day-to-day reality of their employees.

During the session you will:

  • receive a primer on research into employee engagement, the factors that affect motivation, and what makes a highly engaged team
  • practise techniques (and take away practical tips) to uncover the causes of low engagement and co-create interventions that reconnect people with meaningful work
  • connect with fellow change-makers who are ready to address employee engagement

About Jonathan Kahn and Work That Matters

This workshop is led by Jonathan Kahn, organiser of Work That Matters, the conference for professionals who make a difference.

Jonathan consults, trains and facilitates for organisations who want to increase their productivity by working together more effectively. His background as an individual contributor, combined with his experience of training hundreds of professionals, allows him to bridge the gap between front-line delivery teams and their managers and stakeholders. He works in London and across the UK.

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