All Meaning Fringe 2019

Energy Boost Qigong

Vitality Qigong

Thursday 14 November

8am - 9am

Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton. BN1 1YD

Qigong is focussed on quietening the mind and building energy in the body. It’s a form of moving meditation which gets people into a clear zone. A lot of participants come out clearer, refreshed and feeling more creative.

This session will last an hour, forming a perfect preparation for the busy day of Meaning that will follow.

This opportunity is recommended for anyone who values their wellbeing and who wished to develop more calmness, clarity and focus.

About Claudia

As a regular attendee of Meaning, Claudia is looking forward to sharing her experience of Qigong to help us prepare for the day ahead.


Meaning Fringe events are independently organised and ticketed.

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