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Escape the Rat Race: Discover Your Meaningful Career

Dr Muzammal - Restorative Wholeness

Saturday 17 November, 10am

BHASVIC, 205 Dyke Road, Brighton & Hove, BN3 6EG

This interactive three hour workshop will lead you through a process of self-discovery where you’ll gain clarity on your current situation, connect more intimately with your sense of purpose, and identify practical actions you can personally take that will help align your life and career path to your heart.

The workshop will comprise a creative tested process that includes supportive interactions with fellow participants. There will be a short talk (10-15 mins), and guided exercises (some done solo, others in pairs or small groups). Places are limited to a maximum of 14.

The session is designed for anyone in a job or career-path in which they’re feeling stifled or stuck, and are looking to discover a more fulfilling path where they can be of meaningful service and feel passionate about.

About Dr Muzammal

Dr Muzammal (aka Muzammal) is a medical doctor with a background in NHS psychiatry over more than 12 years. He has shifted his own career from the medical profession to being primarily self-employed. He is qualified in emotional breakthrough journey work, is a Permaculture Designer (nature-based design), and has been active in social and ecological activism over more than a decade. Muzammal has a passion for creating safe spaces that invite all parts and voices to be heard, enabling the emergence of wisdom and the catalyzing of wholeness, healing and meaningful action. He has many years of experience working with both individuals 1:1 and with groups.

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