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Good Tech Conf

Mon-Tue, 19-20 November 2018

British Airways i360, Brighton

A tech conference with a twist: Good Tech Conf is a not-for-profit​ event to explore ​the use of technology for social good. Participants will celebrate – and contribute to – projects supporting​ diversity, inclusion​, ​and the ethical application of current and near future technology.

After a day of tech talks from project teams using their skills for social good, you’ll have the chance to take part in workshops and hackathons to use your own talents for a worthy cause.

Good Tech Conf is for developers, technologists and others with a love for technology, and a yearning to apply it for social good. You’ll be able to meet those already contributing in the field, and pitch in yourself in the workshops.

The event is organised by a team of experienced technologists who want to help strengthen our industry’s impact on good causes.

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Good Tech Conf is organised and run separately from Meaning.