We think Meaning is too good to limit to a one-day conference. So we created Meaning Fringe – a rich mix of events run by members of the Meaning community with a passion for bringing people together. Last year there were sea swims, training courses, night walks, dining events, workshops and pub gatherings.

All Meaning Fringe events are united by a purpose – creating more opportunities for connection, inspiration, challenge, learning, action, joy and fun – around the central theme of better business. Meaning Fringe enables us to make the most of our time together, learning and collaborating with like minds.

We welcome applications to host Meaning Fringe events. From these, we’ll be inviting a selection to join the line-up that we’ll list on our website.

In our experience, the best Meaning Fringe events are those that:

  • connect to the themes of Meaning (planet-positive business, personal growth, disruptive innovation, modern leadership, the future of work and progressive economics)
  • enable people to try new experiences or encounter new ideas
  • enable people to take action
  • help people share important thoughts and ideas with others
  • create an opportunity to meet and have fun with new people 
  • are located in or near central Brighton

We’re also clear about what isn’t right for Meaning Fringe, so we won’t be choosing events that are:

  • based on demonstrating a service or consultancy
  • sales-focussed

Here’s how it works:

  • design your event
  • decide on a preferred day and time between 12 and 15 November
  • consider an appropriate venue or location
  • submit your application by 23 August
  • if your event is chosen, you’ll need to finalise and submit the details by 6 Sept

For more detailed information please read our Fringe FAQs.

Let’s make Meaning Fringe 2019 a week to remember. To propose your event, fill in this form before 23 August. 

Bring on the Fringe!