All Meaning Fringe

Leadership and Love: a radical approach for loveless times

Helena Clayton

Friday 15 November

9:30am - 12 noon

Jubilee Library, Brighton, BN1 1GE

If we want workplace cultures that are regenerative, innovative and healthy, something needs to change. The pain, fear and stress that we currently experience is not ok. So Helena Clayton is taking a stand for love and suggesting we put it at the heart of our leadership.

Helena’s research shows people think more love would unleash new possibilities. But also that love is a toe-curling thing to talk about and we’re embarrassed about it. So let’s find the courage to get more comfortable talking about love. Let’s find a new way to understand love that isn’t romantic love and also goes beyond empathy and compassion – a definition of love that’s useful for us in these challenging times. And let’s get clear on what leading from love looks like in practice. There’ll be research findings, rich discussion and connection and a practical focus … come and join in.

Leading from Love is ideal forLeaders and others who want to shape their organisational culture; anyone who finds the idea love in the workplace strange or just plain wrong; those who are intrigued at the idea of new and bold approaches to help with tough times.

About Helena

Helena Clayton has been exploring ‘the difference that makes the difference’ in organisations for 20 years. Her mix of curiosity and pokiness, compassion and challenge makes her the ideal guide for this provocative and practical exploration of love and its gifts for leaders and organisations.

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