All Meaning Fringe

Lights Out at the Marlborough Theatre

Cohesive Communications

Wednesday 13 November

7.00pm - 8.30pm

Marlborough Theatre, 4 Prince's St, Brighton, BN2 1RD

 1 night, 2 acts, 5 steps to turn your impact idea into reality

Why does a Dutch impact entrepreneur believe he can bring electricity to Sub Saharan Africa, ending energy poverty for 125 million families on the continent, when charities and governments have utterly failed?

Bart Hartman is convinced that locally-created impact enterprises will offer Africans sustainable, affordable light and power at a scale and speed that NGOs can’t match – and he’s proving his blueprint in Rwanda, right now.

So – you’ve got a business idea that could make the world a better place. How do you make your impact idea a reality? We’ll be discussing 10 steps to change the world, in a lamp-lit seminar with Bart Hartman of NOTS Solar Lamps and Andy Williams of Cohesive, including:

  • Framing your purpose
  • The role of innovation
  • Creating your story
  • Finding your tribe
  • Financing your vision

All Meaning Fringe events are independently organised and ticketed.