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Map of Meaningful Work Masterclass

The Map of Meaning International

22 - 23 November 9:30am - 5pm

Lighthouse 28 Kensington Street, Brighton, BN1 4AJ

Join this masterclass

  • to understand the drivers of meaning and create more meaning in your work and workplace
  • to generate more meaningful work for others as a leader, a manager, professional, trainer or consultant
  • to work with the map to coach others one-to-one or in groups

“People do not want someone else’s meaning- they have and want their own. They do not want to be ‘motivated’. They want to be given conditions that allow them to remain connected to, or enable them to reconnect with, what they consider makes the work meaningful” – Lani Morris

This Masterclass is a unique opportunity to train with Lani Morris (who’s joined us all the way from New Zealand to speak at the Meaning 2018) and Celine McKeown UK Lead, Map of Meaning International. It is the first step of Map of Meaning International’s practitioner training program.

Two days of practical exploration and application so that you can discover a variety of ways of working with the Map of Meaning on yourself, with another, with groups and organisations.

For more details about the workshop visit the booking page.

To understand more about The Map of Meaning visit the website.