All Meaning Fringe 2019

Reinventing Work: Meaning Fringe special

Reinventing Work

Friday 15 November

1:30pm - 4:00pm

PLATF9RM, 5th Floor, Tower Point, North Road, Brighton

Reinventing Work is a global grassroots movement for people interested in more human-centred, purposeful and self-organised ways of working. Every month ‘reinventers’ come together to share experiences, experiment with new ways of working, and discuss how we can put it into practice in our own organisations.

Reinventing Work began in Bristol in 2018 and has since spread to over 20 cities on five continents, and has a thriving online community. Mike Dunn and Mark Eddleston are two of the co-founders, and would love to help Meaning participants start a Reinventing Work chapter wherever they live. Join them for this one-off Reinventing Work special, geared towards helping others start a chapter in their town or city. Mike and Mark will also share a few of the highs and lows from Reinventing Work’s first 18 months.

This event is idea for anyone interested in starting or joining a grassroots support network for people who want work to be more human. Attendees at current Reinventing Work meet-ups work in software, retail, healthcare, education, and the charity sector. They range from CEOs, consultants, lawyers, learners, and people who feel their work isn’t working or sense it needs to be better.

Meaning Fringe events are independently organised and ticketed.