All Meaning Fringe 2019

The Privatisation of Meaning


Wednesday 13 November

6:00pm - 9:00pm

ONCA gallery, 14 St George's Place, Brighton, BN1 4GB

A three-hour workshop in which a small group of participants will collaborate through a facilitated and creative exercise in order to name and explore the techniques and technologies of state, cultural and corporate power that function to privatise meaning as an exercise in ideological social control.

Participants will engage experientially with sociological ideas and discussion before working together to create a short ‘zine that speaks to their ideas, discussion, creativity and learning. Each participant will leave with a copy.

About Self/Other

Simon Newitt is an anthropologist, social scientist and writer. Curtis James is an ethnographic photographer and community researcher. Emily Macauley is a graphic designer, bookbinder and printer.

Together, as Self/Other, they do ethnographic research and reportage on life in the UK, publishing and producing monographs, zines, podcasts, films, sound and photography.

Meaning Fringe events are independently organised and ticketed.