All Meaning Fringe 2019

Walking the Night

School of the Wild

Wednesday 13 November

7pm - 10pm

meet at Brighton railway station

Join School of the Wild for a silent night time journey through gorgeous Brighton countryside on this guided night walk, ahead of Meaning conference.

This is a very special chance to experience the land at night, walking in the dark without torches as part of a group, in a safe and supported way.

A lovely experience. Amazing to see the moon in its glory, with such nice company. – Philip

By walking the land mindfully you’ll drop into a quiet inner space of reflection before the conference. This’ll allow you to have a direct sensory experience and connection with nature: the tastes and smells in the air, the feel of the wind as it caresses your skin, the touch of the ground under your feet as you walk.

Such a great magical walk last night. I’m still thinking about it. – Serena

The walk is predominantly silent to allow the burble and chatter of daylight hours to subside and mysteries and sounds and smells of the night, and the land to draw you closer.

Meaning Fringe events are independently organised and ticketed.

This walk is organised and ticketed by School of the Wild, with a cost of £30. It’s suitable both for beginners and experienced walkers.

Numbers are limited to 15 participants.