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Andrew Simms

Rapid transitions

Meaning 2018

While the world wakes up the the crisis of climate change, Andrew Simms is at the forefront of the battle to find better, healthier ways for us to live within the boundaries of our planet and our resources.

As an author, think tank director and campaigner, Andrew is a bold voice for progressive economics. He is the founder of several groups and initiatives that communicate the reality of climate change and provoke us into taking on this existential challenge. Through ‘Earth Overshoot Day‘, Andrew created a simple, effective way for everyone to understand how our consumption of resources is ultimately unsustainable.

Andrew is insistent that we have the capability and capacity to take on the epic challenge before us. At Meaning, he reminded us how, in the face of adversity, humans have historically found creative ways to deal with dramatic change. Andrew calls this ‘evidence-based hope’ and he brought it to us at Meaning.

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