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Armin Steuernagel

Rethinking Ownership

Meaning 2019

Armin Steuernagel believes in business. He is motivated by the creation and nurture of profitable ventures. But despite being a self-confessed capitalist Armin has one big problem –  the currently dominant shareholder model of capitalism. He’s highly critical of the way commercial success often goes hand-in-hand with the capture of business by soulless investors with a singular focus on the bottom line.

So Armin joined us at Meaning 2019 as an evangelist for the concept of ‘steward ownership’. He believes we need to decouple power and money in order to transform our economy. By delegitimising absentee ownership in business we can enable purpose to flourish. 

At Meaning, Armin did not only explain to us how he sees this vision of steward ownership, but he offered us the evidence that this model of ownership leads to healthier more resilient businesses whose long-term success stories speak for themselves.

Armin founded his first business at the age of 16 – a mail order brand for sustainable toys. As founder of many other businesses – including two investment companies – he is now turning his efforts towards helping others understand and embrace alternative models of ownership, so their companies may have long, healthy, independent lives.

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