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Bibi Bleekemolen


Meaning 2018

The Fairphone team has a vision. They know that the current state of the consumer electronics industry is flawed – with the unsustainability of ‘planned obsolescence’ and waste of scarce materials. Additional damaging environmental impacts and worrying connections to child labour suggest the electronics sector really needs to fix itself.

Rather than continue their work as activists, Fairphone set about creating a challenger product – a mobile phone designed and built to minimise its own impact on the world.

Manufactured without conflict minerals like gold and tantalum, by people working under good conditions, Fairphone’s products are designed to be repairable, upgradable and used for a very long time.

This is a company that is bold and brave enough to show one the world’s biggest industries how they can do things better. Bibi Bleekemolen joined us at Meaning to share the highlights and challenges of Fairphone’s journey.

Bibi has travelled to DR Congo with Fairphone founder Bas van Abel, raising awareness of the issue of conflict minerals, using a mobile phone as a storytelling object.

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