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Carl Jarvis

Challenging the norm

Meaning 2017

Placed in charge of a struggling school in 2008, Carl Jarvis enacted a series of powerful cultural changes, empowering teachers and students with new ways to work and learn. Within two years, Carl’s school was rated as ‘outstanding’. The staff team remained exactly the same, but their ways of working had been truly transformed. The school now serves as an example of how bold thinking can bring dramatic changes in times of crisis.

Carl’s childhood experience of education left him feeling rejected and written off. From this starting point, he went on to build a career as an innovative educator with a belief in human potential. Innovative practices are at the forefront of Carl’s approach, bravely introducing new ideas that bring about lasting transformation.

At a time of difficulty in the education sector, Carl’s story shows us how even the greatest challenges can be met with creative solutions and an entrepreneurial spirit. Key to Carl’s success is a passionate belief that in order to bring out the very best in our teams, we must seek to understand people, their motivations, their desire to feel valued and their need to learn.

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