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Clare Farrell

Extinction Rebellion: ACT NOW!

Meaning 2019

Extinction Rebellion’s success in shifting the public discourse regarding climate breakdown has been unprecedented. Through non-violent direct action and powerful communication a compelling movement has been created, and momentum is building…

The group’s claim that we are at a tipping point on a trajectory for mass extinction has inspired action from all corners of society. And their call for citizens to rise up and commit mass acts of civil disobedience has been heeded by thousands.

So what’s the secret of this momentous impact? Why has Extinction Rebellion succeeded where other initiatives have failed?

Stunts and demonstrations, attention-grabbing imagery and dynamic media are intelligently deployed by an empowered network of activists, free from hierarchy and bureaucracy. Maximum effect is achieved by a low-budget, loosely organised collective. At Meaning, we heard how this brave, agile and focussed mindset holds the key to Extinction Rebellion’s significant impact.

Clare Farrell is a full time activist and campaigner devoting her creativity, her energy, and occasionally her personal liberty, to fight against climate collapse. As one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion she is at the strategic heart of a mass movement of people using non-violent direct action in the firm belief that these are a proven way to create rapid social change.

Clare will share Extinction Rebellion’s mission, their strategy and some incredible learnings from her years of activism about the power of storytelling, branding and effective preparation. She helped us explore the balance between mission and pragmatism – and how the collective is nurtured in order to stay focussed and effective. 

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