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Erinch Sahan

Fundamentally Fair

Meaning 2019

We have entered a new age. Fair, sustainable, ethical businesses are no longer fringe concerns, but growing, profitable, successful organisations. Individually, they provide products, services and livelihoods, but together, we are building a new economy – one to replace the broken system which has let down so many for so long.

So what are the business models available to entrepreneurs and investors in this new economy? Which approaches deliver the most benefit to communities? And what’s the best way to protect mission and end the tyranny of shareholder capitalism?

The World Fair Trade Organization brings together a worldwide community of social enterprises that practice fair trade. Spanning 76 countries, the enterprises are verified as putting people and planet before profit. They collaborate to share innovative practice and establish the role of fair business within a global economy.

WFTO’s chief executive is Erinch Sahan. With a background that combines commercial business, campaigning and NGO management, he understands better than most what ethical businesses need in order to thrive.

At Meaning, Erinch showed us the business models that have been tried, tested and developed by WFTO members over many decades. He gave us the lowdown on ways to trade and operate that can achieve commercial success while putting fairness and sustainability first.

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