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Kate Beecroft

Doing business in community

Meaning 2017

In a time when the ‘gig economy’ is shaping the way so many of us work, Kate Beecroft offers us an example of how independent workers can collaborate to create smart future-focussed ways to operate. Kate is a co-founder of Enspiral – a remarkable network of people working autonomously, but together. As freelancers, they equip themselves to pool resources, time, budgets and skills in order to achieve great things together. Not least the creation of tech social enterprises, like Loomio and Cobudget – both tools for participatory organising and collaboration.

Drawing on many of the ideals held dear by the Meaning community, Enspiral’s story shows us how non-hierarchical, open, democratic working – simultaneously autonomous and community-driven – can be made a successful, thriving reality. Is this the future of work?

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