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Miatta Fahnbulleh

The Green New Deal

Meaning 2019

Economics-as-usual is broken. Established ways of working and trading are not serving us as a society, especially those who are most vulnerable. As the urgency of our situation grows ever more acute, is it enough to rely on piecemeal measures and small-scale initiatives? Chief executive of the New Economics Foundation Miatta Fahnbulleh argues that we need bold approaches to bring about the change we need.

NEF exists to research and champion alternative ways to understand economics – with a series of campaigns focussed on redressing the failings of the old system.

Miatta leads NEF’s work on important topics such as a proposed ‘Green New Deal’ – a huge restructuring of energy, employment and economy designed to enable a sustainable future. Similarly, NEF’s advocacy for a shorter working week shows how a vision for a fairer world of work is backed up with research and insight – and argued with conviction.

Rather than cautious iterative evolution, Miatta is an advocate for major innovations that will establish the new rules for a sustainable economy. She has worked at senior levels in government and in NGOs, generating new ideas on how to reshape our economy for everyone’s benefit. At Meaning, we know she challenged us to think big. Major problems require bold solutions.

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