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Paul Mason

A Clear Bright Future

Meaning 2019

Paul Mason is a journalist, film-maker and author, well known for his work as economics editor for BBC’s Newsnight and subsequently Channel 4 News. As a journalist he has been on the very frontline of the global events that have shaped our current social and economic reality. And as a political commentator his razor-sharp insights and provocations have made an important contribution to public political discourse.  

Paul’s new book ‘A Clear Bright Future: a radical defense of the human being’ is a call to action for those of us who feel we have become slaves to the faceless forces we call ‘the market’. In a time of growing algorithmic decision-making, Paul reminds us that we have the ability to take control over ourselves, our economy and our environment – which means fighting for universal rights, for human-centric institutions, and for the right to resist the control of our lives by algorithms.

At Meaning 2019, there was a warm welcome back to the Meaning stage as Paul asked us to play an active role in shaping the future, by rekindling our shared humanity.

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