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Vinay Gupta

The Internet of Agreements

Meaning 2017

Vinay Gupta takes a uniquely analytical approach to the world and its technology, embracing a view of the future that recognises both utopia and apocalypse. His remarkably pragmatic approach to the challenges we face makes a refreshing change from the hyperbole of the tech media.

Vinay’s original training is as a Hindu priest of the Nath Sampradaya sect. He was formally recognised as enlightened in the late 1990s, but does not teach, preferring to work in the world. He has discarded many of the pre-1945 religious frameworks as inadequate for an age in which humanity has the potential to destroy itself and the world we share.

Creator of the Hexayurt open-source shelter technology, Vinay has now turned his attention to the Internet of Agreements – arguing that the missing ingredient in our networked economy is a way of sharing laws and regulations in machine-readable formats. Building on ideas like blockchain and the Internet of Things, Vinay will show us how technology can be used to complete the entire picture, enabling commerce, travel and justice across borders while cutting out the middle-men.

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