Playing the game will help you to:

  • understand the structure and purpose of the UN SDGs
  • experience the impact of small choices on the global system
  • explore the connection to your work, life, and community
  • find real options for applying your new sense of the whole to your own real projects

The United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework for developing a fair, prosperous and environmentally sustainable world that has been agreed by every UN nation.

But sometimes global goals like these can seem too big to enable a single person, organisation, or community to make a difference. The 2030 SDGs Game lets a group steer the world from now to 2030, making the choices that determine our shared future.

At Meaning, you’ll have the opportunity to play the game during a 90 minute session (extending into part of lunchtime).

The 2030 SDGs Game has become very popular in Japan (played by more than 12,000 people last year) thanks to its empowering and transformational approach. Players finish the game seeing the connection between small choices and large outcomes, and knowing that they can make a difference.

The session will be facilitated by one of the game’s creators, Takeo Inamura, and by the director of the global initiative to take the game from Japan to the rest of the world, Skip Swanson. The game has been brought to the UK in partnership with A Fairer Society, a community-led development firm that helps its clients build a fairer society, one community at a time.

(Please note that this session is 90 minutes in duration which means that participants will be part of a second sitting for lunch.)