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Business declares a climate emergency

Business Declares

During the session you will...

  • Explore what is means for a business to declare
  • Consider the risks and opportunities
  • Hear from leaders who have already declared
  • Discover what resources are available to help you
  • Get ideas on how to engage your people and customers in the decision
  • Decide on the best first step for your organisation

At Meaning 2019, we’ll hear important perspectives on climate crisis and the ecological emergency we face. It’s clear that business leaders have much to grapple with: How can we best respond to this enormous challenge?

After we’ve heard from the day’s first three speakers – each contributing in their own way to the climate conversation – you have the opportunity to  join a breakout session with a real focus on what it means for businesses to declare a climate and ecological emergency.

Business Declares was launched in September, as a movement that enables businesses to recognise the gravity of the situation – empowering them to take steps that will make a difference.

The session will be hosted by members of the campaign…

Fiona Ellis, Kate Sandle and Matt Hocking. As well as Abbie Rumbold from Bates Wells, a large law practice who have recently ‘declared’, who will share experiences.

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Registration for breakout sessions will be open to Meaning 2019 ticket holders from 9:30am on Friday 25 October.