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Conscious Capitalism – making it real

Timothy Henry

You will learn:

  • how 'business-as-usual' capitalism is failing us
  • why 'conscious capitalism' is different
  • how to embed this way of thinking into your work and your organisation

Confidence in big business has declined. Cynicism and distrust in big business is rife. The world has changed. People have evolved and become more conscious and yet businesses have not adapted.

Timothy Henry, the co-author of the Conscious Capitalism Field Guide and co-founder and trustee of Conscious Capitalism, shares with us the tenets of conscious capitalism: higher purpose, stakeholder integration, a caring culture and conscious leadership.

He reveals and guides us through a practical step by step programme which will enable you to embed purpose and conscious capitalism in all you do and across your entire organisation.

He champions the power of purpose and demonstrates the tremendous value that conscious capitalism will bring in both driving productivity and revenue as well as enabling companies to have a positive impact in the world.

And in his role as Co-CEO at Bridge Partnership, Timothy supports organisations to bring their purpose to life. He helps them embed it into everything they do, from strategy to operations and culture, both inside and outside their organisation.

After the short talk Timothy invites you to join him in a meaningful discussion about the future of capitalism. So bring your own experiences, your ideas and your questions.

Meanwhile you can contact Timothy at: