You will learn:

  • to recognise and respond to important questions about work and meaning
  • how the Map of Meaning can be used to understand our needs, and those of our colleagues
  • what you can do to navigate or create change that will add value to the experience of work

Many conventional businesses still focus on – and invest in – motivating their people within a traditional command and control structure. More forward-thinking leaders are creating environments that enable people to work meaningfully in their own way, creating liberating structures in which people are free and equal, meeting the human need for inspiration by aligning people around ‘purpose beyond profit’.

When meaning is such a profoundly held and subjective experience at an individual or ‘micro’ level, how can we create a meaningful shared experience in the workplace at a ‘macro’ level? Simple questions are at the heart of creating meaningful work. We just need to get better at knowing the right questions to ask and asking them more often. How often do we ask ourselve: ‘Is this current practice or planned change going to make work more or less meaningful?’

The Map of Meaning provides a compass to help us navigate the complex territory of our human needs in the workplace, creating more meaning for ourselves and others within the organisational systems in which we find ourselves.

In addition to the talks from the Map’s creators in the main Meaning auditorium, this experiential session provides an opportunity to begin your own exploration of the Map of Meaning. Using the simple structure of the Map you will have the choice of working in one of four groups:

  • Self: a personal exploration of how you experience meaning in your life and work and how to use the map as a tool to generate more meaning and sense of purpose.
  • Self and Other: using the Map of Meaning to explore how you can generate more meaningful connection or relationships with others.
  • Team: understanding how the Map can generate a greater sense of shared meaning and understanding around a shared team endeavour.
  • Organisational or Systemic: applying a lens of meaning to the design of organisational  or systemic (e.g. healthcare system, education system) interventions or processes.

Hosted by The Map of Meaning creators Lani Morris and Marjo Lips-Wiersma and other experienced practitioners.