What you'll learn...

  • How to evaluate ideas with innovation systems thinking
  • The implications of some of the latest technologies on systems and society
  • How to solve business problems with systems prototypes

The most valuable organisations in the world have built products and services that change the system around them. Innovation is not an idea or a creativity problem but a systems recognition problem. How do you understand the connections and dependencies between products, services and society? How do innovations go beyond being disruptive system changers? 

This workshop will give you the tools, knowledge and experience to understand technological and sociological systems – from the beginning of human history into the near future, in order to understand how products and services can become innovative system-changers. 

Your workshop hosts are Hyper Island’s Bella Funck, Nathan Miller and Anna Carlson.

About Hyper Island

Hyper Island is a creative business school that was founded 20 years ago in Sweden by three colleagues who realised that current education models weren’t keeping up with the pace of change in the world. With that in mind they decided to build a new institution of professional learning designed based on flexibility in anticipating and dealing with change.

Now a global institution, with hubs and schools in the UK, US, Brazil and Singapore as well as at an HQ in Sweden, Hyper Island helps individuals and world-leading organisations navigate complexity.

By using a methodology that focuses as much on the question of ‘why’ as much as ‘how’ and ‘what’, and on team collaboration instead of individual effort, participants are challenged to grow personally and professionally. New ways of thinking and learning help guide people towards lifelong learning.

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