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Emotional intelligence from the dark side

Kyra Maya Phillips

What you'll learn...

  • How emotional intelligence can come from unforeseen places
  • How to derive meaning from experience
  • How to look for inspiration in the unexpected

In January 2012, Kyra Maya Phillips embarked on a four-year-long exploration of the dark side of creativity and ingenuity, interviewing people from all walks of life – gangsters, hackers, drug smugglers, camel milk farmers, con artists, pirates and copycats – about how they live and work. She published her findings in a book: ‘The Misfit Economy‘.

Kyra took an interest in how these individuals built, grew and sustained their business ventures: how a Somali pirate hijacked a ship, how a drug dealer secured corners, how a con artist picked his target, how a gangster built a sustaining brand.

As her research progressed, Kyra realised that the insights gained extended far beyond lessons in business. The stories she heard became meditations on the fundamental questions of life: How do you think about death? How do you handle failure? How do you navigate uncertainty? How do you build and maintain healthy relationships? Ultimately: How do you find meaning in what you do?

Following on from Kyra’s talk in the main auditorium, she will use this discussion to share further stories from the dark side, illuminating valuable lessons in emotional intelligence. Your time with Kyra will serve testament to the idea that all of us – no matter where we come from or what we do – are trying to make sense of the human experience and live an enriching, fulfilling life.

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