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Overcoming barriers to true purpose

Blueprint for Better Business

During the session you will:

  • be invited to share issues and discuss collaborative solutions to commonly faced problems
  • gain an understanding of Blueprint’s approach to purpose-led business
  • connect with and learn from peers who are working with purpose inside organisations

Talk of ‘purpose’ is everywhere in business these days. But coaches, consultants and practitioners within organisations are increasingly finding that making truly purposeful business a reality requires more than mere ‘sponsorship’ from the top. Putting people and purpose at the heart of a business, with profit as the condition and the outcome (rather than a reason for being), is extremely challenging work.

So, how do you go about this deep, systemic change?

Blueprint for Better Business explores the danger of cognitive dissonance and the damage it can cause for organisations and individuals when a company talks about being ‘purpose-led’, but when employees’ daily experiences are very different.

In this workshop session for coaches, consultants and managers, Blueprint will facilitate robust conversations around what it might take to create genuinely purposeful organisations – drawing on the commonalities of the challenges faced by agents of change.

Together, you’ll look at challenges like these:

  • Confronting ‘pie crust purpose’ (easily made, easily broken)
  • How to have an enduring conversation rather than a transactional one
  • Delivering purpose when responding to an organisational crisis, such as sexual discrimination or environmental damage

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About Blueprint

Blueprint for Better Business is an independent charity that helps businesses be inspired and guided by a purpose that benefits society. 

Vicky Grinnel-Wright will be your host for this session. Vicky is a consultant specialising in organisational development, innovation, strategy, change, transformation and culture. She lectures widely and has consulted for many major clients.