What you'll learn...

  • The employee-ownership options available to organisations
  • Different ways of financing a steward-owned company
  • The opportunities and challenges open to companies who adopt steward ownership
  • How management culture stands to be transformed when we let go of ego
  • How to take steps towards enabling steward ownership in your own business

Forward-looking businesses are exploring the options open to them when it comes to who owns and governs their organisations. Amid a range of employee-ownership models, ‘steward ownership’ is an idea that’s growing stronger. With famous organisations such as Bosch and John Lewis & Partners setting an example, many other companies follow.

To accompany his Meaning 2019 main stage talk, Armin Steuernagel, founder of Purpose Ventures and Purpose Evergreen Capital, will help you take on the difficult issues around ownership. As a serial entrepreneur and founder, Armin has powerful experience of the structures and models open to businesses who want to operate for the benefit of all their people – not just for faceless shareholders.

In this optional breakout session, you’ll take a look at the philosophy behind steward ownership, and how it compares to other options. Under Armin’s guidance, you’ll consider the legal implications of different possibilities, and consider the challenges that emerge when we are brave enough to change the way we work and let go of ego.

As well as the implications for entrepreneurs and workers, you’ll consider the wider cultural changes that may come about from a shift in the way we think about ownership. Is the new currency now ‘purpose’ instead of just money?

About Purpose Ventures

Armin founded Purpose Ventures to show that there are alternatives to shareholder capitalism. It’s a network of entrepreneurs, investors, and citizens who believe companies should remain independent and purpose-driven over the long term. Purpose Ventures is creating the ecosystem of resources, expertise, and capital necessary to support businesses on their path to steward-ownership.

Connect with Armin


Registration for breakout sessions will be open to Meaning 2019 ticket holders from 9:30am on Friday 25 October.