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Self-managed teams: the Buurtzorg way

Buurtzorg Britain & Ireland

You will learn:

  • how self-managed teams thrive in a supportive empowering environment
  • what it takes for an organisation to expand into new cultures and markets while remaining true to its purpose
  • the challenges of integrating self-managed teams into large hierarchical structures

Since its foundation as a team of four district nurses in 2007, Buurtzorg has grown to nearly 1,000 self-managed teams of healthcare professionals around the Netherlands, supported by 20 regional coaches and an office team of 50 staff. At Meaning 2015, Buurtzorg founder Jos de Blok shared the story and the philosophy behind this remarkable organisation.

Buurtzorg’s huge success has attracted international attention and set new standards, not just for the business of social care, but for the way self-managed teams can operate when liberated from the constraints of unnecessary bureaucracy.

In this session, Brendan Martin will share the next chapter in Buurtzorg’s story: how it inspired the creation of Buurtzorg Britain & Ireland of which he is the co-founder and MD. And how, as a partnership between Buurtzorg and Public World, it is supporting NHS, social care, local government and social enterprises to make radical change in more than 20 locations.

Brendan will tell us the story of how the organisation made its way to Britain and Ireland, and what challenges have been encountered while operating here. He will share early lessons from his experience of Buurtzorg’s growth, with particular focus on the challenge of repurposing and redesigning organisations to support – rather than control – frontline staff.

There will be plenty of time for questions and conversation, facilitated by our longtime collaborator Jenni Lloyd.