Together, we will:

  • share the essential qualities of 21st century leaders we’ve distilled from our global conversations
  • explore what needs to be unlearned to unleash those qualities, and discover how you’re already working with that
  • co-create an unlearning manifesto that invites more people to bring their human greatness to leading modern companies

Unlearning leadership to give power to the people

If you’re looking for a session packed full of new information on leadership, then sorry, this isn’t the one for you. There are so many new techniques and tools out there, the last thing you need is more of that.

No. The Within People team are interested in what we need to ‘unlearn’ to lead 21st century businesses, and how we do that. And, as a group of people already up for leading flatter, fairer, more inclusive organisations, they’d love your help.

Within has spent the last year speaking to amazing women and men leading forward-thinking companies from South Africa to San Francisco. They’ve built an understanding of the qualities that modern leaders need. And they’ve realised that what it takes to be more vulnerable, curious, creative and empathic is not more learning, but more unlearning – letting go of preconception, judgement, fear and expectation.

Unlearning is much harder than learning. But if we can find ways to let go of what gets in our way, we can also remove the barriers that make leadership inaccessible to people, and stops us tapping into our real power.

This session is for those of us leading in modern organisations looking to unleash more human leadership in themselves and those around them.

Your hosts for this session will be Nicole Bradfield and Jeff Melnyk, of Within People.