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The future of less work

The New Economics Foundation

During the session you will...

  • Hear about the history, context and politics of the shorter working week
  • Gain understanding of the operational challenges associated with moving to a shorter working week
  • Have a chance to question experts in the field
  • Get an insights into the possibilities of moving to a shorter working week in your organisation

The concept of the shorter working week is gathering interest among politicians, businesses and the press. Could it be one of the keys to a working life in which we are healthier, happier, and more productive?

The problems within our working culture are clear: widespread employee disengagement; inequality of opportunity; a growing income divide; a skills gap in developing industries; and real wages at an all-time low. The rise of algorithms and automation is leaving many of us in low paid and precarious employment. There’s a perfect storm brewing – one that calls for bold new ways to think about work.

This interactive breakout session, hosted by the New Economics Foundation, is your opportunity to explore the concept of the shorter working week. How could it impact your organisation? What are the benefits? The drawbacks? Who stands to gain from such a change in working culture? How would our economy function should this become the norm?

About the panel…

  • Aidan Harper, social policy researcher at the New Economics Foundation – leaders in understanding and developing the big ideas that could reshape the future of our society.
  • Will Stronge, Director of Autonomy – a UK-based Future of Work think tank. Autonomy provides analyses, proposals and solutions for the changing reality of work.
  • Lucy Donoughue, of Memiah – a wellbeing and health communications company trialling a four-day week with its 30+ employees.

After a short talk from each of our panelists the session will breakout into discussion and visioning activities with plenty of time for Q&A.


Registration for breakout sessions will be open to Meaning 2019 ticket holders from 9:30am on Friday 25 October.