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Welcome to the Citizen Shift

The New Citizenship Project

What you'll learn...

  • Explore unintended consequences of the language and framing of the Consumer
  • Discover creative and commercial opportunity of thinking of people as Citizens
  • Learn to articulate powerful questions that invite people to participate in the purpose of your organisation 
  • Develop ways to structure and develop opportunities for participation, not just products for consumption 

As a new economy takes shape, it’s time to reconsider our roles, and the roles of the people with whom we do business. The New Citizenship Project asks us to change the way we think about each other – not as consumers or mere customers, but as citizens, as people. 

When we create the right conditions for us to rediscover our creativity and empathy, we become happier, we work more productively, we participate more in our communities – and in wider society – and we achieve better, fairer outcomes. 

A new wave of organisational thinking is building around a deeper idea of humans as ‘Citizens’, not just ‘Consumers’. This opens a space for organisations of all shapes and sizes to become generative, sustaining contributors to social and environmental systems, and to thrive by doing so. This workshop will equip you with the knowledge and tools to be part of this ‘Citizen Shift’.

About The New Citizenship Project 

The New Citizenship Project is a pioneering strategy and innovation company on a mission to support the shift in the dominant story of the individual in society – from Consumer to Citizen. It helps organisations do things better (and do better things), thinking of people differently. 

Now five years old, and drawing on a rich mix of experience from communications to the arts to social enterprise to health, NCP has helped organisations like The Guardian, the Coop Group, York Minster and the European Central Bank explore what the Citizen Shift means for their work.

Your session hosts are the New Citizenship Project’s Jon Alexander, Tendai Chetse and Katie Dunstan.

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Registration for breakout sessions will be open to Meaning 2019 ticket holders from 9:30am on Friday 25 October.